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Defeating Unethical Engineer Tactics

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Repairability Assessment of Composition Shingles

Chad Williams

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Online Courses

Engage with BEI's online training to develop your professional skills as a Contractor, Public Adjuster, or Attorney.


Allow BEI's experts to help you evaluate your claims or review an Engineer report to determine what the next steps should be.

Zoom Webinar Courses taught by BEI's experts on a number of topics.

Onsite Training

Looking to upskill your team with expert training? Look no further than Building Experts Institute. Our subject matter experts are available on a limited basis to offer tailored training on various topics. Get in touch today to learn more.


Many of BEI's courses offer certifications. From inspections to proper building techniques, get your certifications from the Building Experts Institute.

Expert Witness

BEI's experts are also available for Expert Witness work for many types of claims in pre-suit and post-suit litigation.

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